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Object NGC 7000

The North America Nebula (NGC 7000) and Pelican Nebula (IC 5070).  The North America Nebula is a huge emission nebula whose full 3 x 2.3 degree extent is best seen in binoculars and richfield telescopes. A nebular filter will greatly enhance the view. NGC 7000 is visible to the unaided eye on a good night as a faint patch in the Milky Way, 3 degrees east of Deneb. In long exposure photographs, this nebula resembles the outline of the North American continent, with an especially good replica of the Gulf of Mexico. It glows with the red light of heated hydrogen gas. Several other nebulae (IC 5070, IC 5068) are nearby.

Scope Askar FR400
Camera ASI2600 mc
Mount Paramount Myt
Guiding ES 127ed
Exposure Info 6.5 hours. 95 4 minute exposures
Date August 20, 2023
Copyright Photo copyright Thomas Kerns, Beluga Lake Observatory