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Object NGC 185

NGC 185 (also known as Caldwell 18) is a dwarf spheroidal galaxy located 2.08 million light-years from Earth, appearing in the constellation Cassiopeia. It is a member of the Local Group, and is a satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). Unlike most dwarf elliptical galaxies, NGC 185 contains young stellar clusters, and star formation proceeded at a low rate until the recent past.

NGC 185 if a faint galaxy, yet may be seen visually as a dim smudge in 6 inch or larger telescopes.  A distinctive dust patch near the core may also be seen, although is often overwhelmed by the general glow of the galaxy in long exposures.

A nice irregular background galaxy (UGC 378) can be seen to the upper right of NGC 185.

This was the first galaxy I have imaged in quite some time, and a lot of exposure time was needed to pull this galaxy out of some not very dark skies so early in the fall.

Scope Explore Scientific 127ed APO refractor
Camera ST2000XCM
Mount Losmandy G11
Filters Hutech light polution filter
Guiding Guided with st-i through a William Optics Z80ii ed
Exposure Info 40x15 minutes subs, for 10 hours total exposure time in not very dark skies.
Date September 15, 2018
Copyright Photo copyright Thomas Kerns, Beluga Lake Observatory