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Object NGC 7814

NGC 7814 (also known as UGC 8 or Caldwell 43) is a spiral galaxy about 40 million light-years away in the constellation Pegasus. The galaxy is seen edge-on from Earth. It is sometimes referred to as “the little sombrero”, a miniature version of Messier 104.

You can see another faint galaxy, IC 5381, to the right of NGC 7814

This galaxy was imaged over 3 nights of poor seeing, and really poor transparency (although no moon), so it took a lot of exposure time to bring out the central bulge of the galaxy, and dust lane.

Scope Explore Scientific 127ed APO refractor
Camera ST2000XCM
Mount Losmandy G11
Filters LPS filter
Guiding Guided with st-i through a William Optics Z80ii ed
Exposure Info 25 x 15 minute subs, for a total of 6.5 hours total exposure.
Date October 16, 2018
Copyright Photo copyright Thomas Kerns, Beluga Lake Observatory