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Object M33

A possible satellite of M31, the Triangulum Galaxy is quite small, with a mass 1/7 that of the Milky Way. M33 is a difficult object to detect because of its low surface brightness. In a truly dark and transparent sky, one may be able to get a glimpse of this galaxy, making it one of the most distant objects visible to the naked eye. Binoculars show M33 has an oval glow while a telescope and careful observation will begin to reveal subtle details. M33 has a very small nucleus relative to the size of its spiral arms.

Scope Zenithstar 80 ED
Camera ST2000XCM
Mount Losmandy G11
Filters Baader IR
Guiding Self Guided
Exposure Info 4.75 hours total exposure time (10x15min)
Date January 15, 2007
Copyright Photo copyright Thomas Kerns, Beluga Lake Observatory