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Object Almach double star

Almach, also known as Gamma Andromedae or Gamma And.  Gamma And is a double star separated by almost 10 arc-seconds so it is easy to separate in just about any telescope. Beyond that, there is a significant color contrast between the components of this double star. The stars of Albireo are K3 and B0, so the K3 (red) star is the same color in each pair the accompanying star in Gamma And is a B9 color, more white than the B0 star in Albireo.

This shot is a stack of 200 frames shot with a toucam (webcam).  The color difference between the two stars is striking.

Scope C8 with 2x barlow
Camera Toucam
Mount Vixen Super Polaris
Exposure Info 200 frames stacked
Date September 21, 2006
Copyright Photo copyright Thomas Kerns, Beluga Lake Observatory